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AIRMAX MARKETING SDN BHD’s excellent quality, wide selection and superior service combine to effectively meet the needs of its current business customers. As a result, AIRMAX MARKETING SDN BHD has been very successful and plans to grow its current annual safety products. This will be driven by 3 primary strategic actions. The first involves exploring the potential market both locally and overseas. Secondly, we must maintain our good image with the existing customers therefore strengthening our stronghold of our current network dealers. Thirdly, we should focus more on our in-house products by contract manufacturing. These strategies should result in 20% in total profitability.

AIRMAX MARKETING SDN BHD endeavors to become the preferred specialty one-stop solution provider for occupational health and environment safety products in Malaysia and then the Asian country.

AIRMAX MARKETING SDN BHD strongly insist on customer is important to us basic. Therefore we are very particular in delivery lead time and also our service towards customer.

In its quest for growth, AIRMAX MARKETING SDN BHD has set its sights on 3 overall objectives. The first involves exploring the potential market domestically. Salomon Smith Barney (SSB),in a December 2001 research report, was optimistic about Malaysia’s growth prospects in 2002 and 2003 in light of improving global economic growth outlook. It raised Malaysia’s growth forecast to 2.1% for 2002 (from 0.8%) and 5% for 2003. Other positive growth signs for the Malaysian economy include the deceleration of the country’s manufacturing downturn and early signs of improvements in the global semiconductor market. In view of the opening of Malaysian market to foreign investors in 2003, AirMax Marketing should expand beyond the border, namely tapping the Asian market. After a turbulent 1997-2001 period, developing Asia is returning to a more sustainable pace of economic growth in 2002-2003. The region’s average gross domestic product(GDP) growth is projected to rise 4.8% in 2002 and 5.8% in 2003 from 3.7% posted in 2001,according to the Asian Development Outlook 2002(AD), released by the Asian Development Bank.

Secondly, with the emergence of stiffer competition, the risk of eroding market share is rising. Dealers will have a wider choice and options to choose from. Our customers will also enjoy easier access to the worldwide market. Therefore, it is very vital that we are able to maintain our current customers and engage new business opportunities. In this plan, we will look at ways to maintain our market share.

Thirdly, to alleviate our image in this field, contract manufacturing for occupational health and environment safety products is an alternative that can boost our market presence. Not only that it will reduce our independence on 3M, it will definitely give us competitive edge against our customers.

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